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Legislative - Legislative Update
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Legislative Update



DPSOA Legislative Report:

End of 86th Legislative Session Update

The 86th Session of the Texas Legislature is coming to a close, and the final state budget has been released.  Importantly, the Department of Public Safety budget received an overall increase in state funding; including funding for an additional 115 FTEs for human trafficking and anti-gang task forces, 122 FTEs for DPS crime labs, and 762 FTEs to staff current driver license offices.  There is also an addition $5.5 million for traffic enforcement and $4.1 million for commercial vehicle enforcement.  The budget also maintains funding for our 50-hour work week and stipend pay.  Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, the legislature did not fund a salary increase for commissioned state law enforcement officers paid under salary schedule C or law enforcement communications operators.

Prior to this session, the Texas State Auditor found that commissioned state law enforcement officer’s salaries were well below the comparable salaries provided by local law enforcement departments in the state.  That gap will only widen by next session.

During the interim and throughout election season, it is imperative that we maintain communication with our elected officials and candidates to continue making the case for a pay raise.  It needs to be made clear to those seeking elected office that our overtime does NOT count as a raise.  That is pay earned for extra hours worked - which again, is not the same thing as a pay raise.  We also need to be cautious of leaders who give lip service to supporting law enforcement, but don’t follow through with any measurable action.

DPSOA will continue our mission and we appreciate the extra time you take to help our cause. 

Richard Jankovsky







February 6, 2019 - DPSOA President Richard Jankovsky and VP Clay Taylor

Meet with Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick

 Also Present DPSOA Legislative Consultants Ky Ash and Eric Wright






 February 5, 2019 - Governor Greg Abbott's State of the State Address

Summary provided by DPSOA Consultant Eric Wright


Governor Greg Abbott delivered his State of the State address today praising Texas as the greatest state in the nation. He announced that this session will be about landmark achievements in both chambers. Texas is leading the nation in the creation of new jobs, especially for women entrepreneurs, African American business owners, and Latina women business owners. The Governor also praised Texas’ energy independence and incredibly diverse economy.

Governor Abbott declared five emergency items: school finance, which includes teacher pay raises; school safety; mental health, including supporting Senator Nelson’s Mental Health Consortium; property tax reform; and disaster response, particularly as it relates to Hurricane Harvey.  
The Governor discussed other important issues that were not declared emergency items including anti-gang and anti-human trafficking efforts. He highlighted increasing funding for forensic testing for rape and sexual assault and mentioned the importance of cyber security. Lastly, he called for the full funding of mental health for the veterans program within HHSC.

The Governor closed with an uplifting and encouraging message for the members of the House and Senate. The air was positive as the Governor and legislators are looking forward to making important changes for Texas during this legislative session.

The Governor’s full speech is available here.



























January 28, 2019 - Testimony Before the Texas Senate Finance Committee

Senate Finance Budget Hearing on DPS’s Budget ‐ Monday, Jan. 28 / 10 a.m.


 Testimony by DPSOA President

Richard Jankovsky


My name is Lieutenant Richard Jankovsky, President of the DPS Officers Association. Thank you for your time today.

For nearly 45 years, DPSOA has been working to advocate on behalf of active and retired Troopers, Agents, Rangers, Officers, Communications Personnel and Forensic Scientists of the Texas Department of Public Safety.

DPSOA is one of the largest organizations representing commissioned law enforcement officers in Texas and includes more than 4,500 men and women who have pledged their lives to protect Texans across the state.

DPSOA appreciates Director McCraw leadership and the Legislative Appropriations Request submitted by the agency over the interim. We also thank you for including many of those requests in SB 1.

As we testified to the LBB staff and Governor’s office during the interim LAR hearing, I want to bring this committee’s attention to a report by the State Auditor titled, “Report on the State’s Law Enforcement Salary Schedule (Salary Schedule C)” that was released this past September. In the report, the State Auditor concludes that the maximum and mid‐range base pay for positions paid according to Salary Schedule C is below the average maximum and average mid‐ range base pay provided by the seven largest local law enforcement departments in the state. The report also outlines two options to adjust Schedule C in a way that would better align to the market. Option #1 which would align with the average maximum base would require an investment of $22.9 million annually, while option #2 which would align with the average mid‐range base would require an investment of $13.6 million annually.

The auditor’s report also noted that the state’s supplemental pay for education, certification, and bilingual skills for employees in Salary Schedule C is also not keeping pace with peer agency officers. These stipends have not been increased since their implementation in 2005.



According to the LBB, in 2018 DPS had an attrition level of 188 commissioned officers which is the highest level of attrition since 2009.

DPSOA believes an increase in pay based on the auditor’s findings would help alleviate this attrition.

DPS agency leaders have requested an increase in compensation for noncommissioned personnel. DPSOA supports the agency’s request and has also highlighted the need to boost pay for communications operators who are a critical part of our law enforcement operations. We have included additional information with regard to this matter in your packets.

Finally, DPSOA supports efforts to maintain the 50‐hour work week, but we do want to ensure the committee knows that the pay associated with this requirement is not currently counted towards retirement. As we visit with members and staff we have found that many do not realize this is the case. We also hear from many members of DPSOA who want to see this pay counted towards retirement ‐ especially as the 50‐hour work week has become the new normal for us since 2015 and appears to be ongoing into the future. We would appreciate the opportunity to visit further about this issue at a later time.

Thank you for the opportunity to speak today, and we look forward to working with the committee on these matters.















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